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When You Need to Find Investors

for Your Syndicate, Deal, or Project

How to Market and Sell Your Fund to Passive Investors

If you're like most developers, you could use more of the right kind of investors...

You'd like a pool of people who you can tap for money any time that you need it.

It’s tough enough to put together a syndicated capital raise. Once that’s done, you have to go find investors for your project. 

Regardless of the type of capital fund you’re putting together, getting investors can feel daunting and even intimidating — especially if you are self-proclaimed introvert.

But it doesn’t have to be hard.

What could you do with another $5 million, $10 million, $25 million of investments in your project?

What if you could find investors that can bring you the money you need, when you need it, and who are willing to invest with you over the next decade?

What if you could have a pool of investors that were ready to consider your deals when you have the need to raise capital?

What if you could put your investor marketing on autopilot, set and forget, knowing that you can get capital anytime you need it?

With this course, I will show you step-by-step how you can have investors queued up and ready to go the day you officially launch your capital raise.

Imagine if you could push a button and have investors eager to invest in your capital fund...

What would that mean to your business?

What if you could attract investors with hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars to place, and have them consider you to be the guru, the expert that they need to know to get the returns and safety they crave?

Many investors don’t know how to decide where to place their money. They rely on brokers, their peers, and trusted advisors, like you, to understand how to invest to achieve their personal financial goals.

When you deliver to your investor network the information they need to feel comfortable and confident in you, they’ll come running the moment that you’ve got a capital fund open for them to place their money.

What holds back most developers and capital fund promoters is that they don’t understand how investors make decisions. Once you crack this code, conversations get easy and checks come rolling in.

Ready to learn how?

Marketing for Passive Investors

how to create a flood of capital for your projects

When you want to find investors for your projects, this course is for you. 

Mark S A Smith shows you step by step how to create a marketing strategy and plan to find, nurture, and activate investors who want to place capital with you.

Created specifically for real estate syndicators and hedge fund promoters, these ideas work for anyone who wants to raise venture capital under SEC regulations 506c.

You’ll get major new actionable insights about how to market for passive investors, those who place money with you to invest in your projects. 

Would you find that valuable?

What you'll learn from this course

that gets investors to trust you with their money

  • Why raising capital is a complex sale, required a different mindset to be successful
  • How to create a brand that attracts the right kind of investors
  • How to maintain SEC compliance, marketing for investors within the law
  • How to easily comply with Know Your Customer laws
  • The three critical elements of your sales and marketing focus, most people get this wrong
  • Why investors are risk averse and how to deal with this to your advantage
  • How to actively reduce perceived risk, which holds back all investment decisions
  • The principle of leasing money, and how it positively impacts your view of investors
  • How to create guru status for your asset class so that investors seek you out
  • Why selling investments is radically different from other sales situations, and how to approach raising capital, this is where many developers screw it up
  • How to tell your story in a way that triggers conversations with investors and eliminates common objections
  • The critical principles of marketing that most dealmakers ignore, follow these for unparalleled success

You'll know exactly how to design and deploy your plan.

We create it while you watch...

  • Creating your marketing strategy that attracts, nurtures, and converts investors into business partners
  • How to maximize your ability to persuade and not blow opportunities that many dealmakers pass up
  • How to analyze your market so that you only go after the investors you want and that want you
  • Investor acquisition economics, how to know what to spend to get them
  • Creating your marketing budget, what to spend and where to spend it to get the results you want
  • How to deploy marketing tactics that work to attract investors, and no, it's not about running Facebook ads
  • How to get your current investors to introduce you to more investors just like them, the timing, and the exact words to say that get you connected
  • How to build an investor-focused website, most are deal focused, the wrong approach if you want a pool of investors who you can tap for money when you want it
  • How to achieve guru status in your asset class, step by step instructions that take you less than an hour a month, yet position you as the go-to expert
  • Deal flow dynamics: where the money comes from as you develop your marketing plan, timing is everything
  • How to use LinkedIn to uncover investors that you want to do business with
  • The steps you need to complete to get an investor to write you a check or wire the money
  • What the four or five decision makers in every investment deal need to know so that you can speed the deal
  • The real decision maker in every investment deal and what they need to say "yes!"

You get everything you need to design and run your marketing plan to find, nurture, and activate investors

and get the money you want for your project.

Get instant access when you order now. 

You can start right away on your plan to find new funding with this course.

Are you ready to get going?

How Much?

Here's what you get in the Marketing for Passive Investors Course

  • More than five hours of live video training shot in front of an audience of real estate developers, syndicators, and hedge fund managers asking tough questions and getting actionable answers – $1,997.00 value
  • A 60-page workbook with every slide, plus forms for developing your plan, your story, and assessing the market, and other support material – $197.00 value
  • Bonus 1: All of the course audio as an audio book that you can download and listen to as you drive and workout – $497.00 value
  • Bonus 2: Get a short course on how to get on the local speaking circuit to address potential investors – $97.00 value
  • Bonus 3: Get a 20-minute strategy call with the instructor, Mark S A Smith, to ask questions and refine your strategy – $337.00 value

All of this worth $3,125.00 for only $997.00.

Imagine if you could attract just two more investors with what you learn from this course, what would that mean to your project success?

If you’re launching a new capital fund, you can get the fund to pay for this as a marketing expense because it directly supports the fund success. We discuss this in Module 13, Acquisition Economics.