When you need to get hired or promoted...

Essential Leadership Skills

Master leadership skills essential for being hired and promoted

It's a crying shame...

we don't get taught critical leadership skills in formal education

The only way to make real money in the real world is to be promoted.

Yet, you’ve probably never been taught how to get hired into a job with future potential and how to get promoted.

You know your stuff. You’ve got smarts, skills, and energy. So how can you translate that into hirable skills and steady promotions to grow your career?

What if you could have the insider secrets that executives use when deciding who to hire and promote?

What if you could put your best foot forward when you have an interview?

What if you could systematically create a path to promotion?

Imagine if you could understand leadership skills and put them into action...

What would that mean to your career advancement?

Few people really understand business leadership, much to their career detriment.

The term, leadership, is widely used yet frequently misunderstood, especially in the context of business.

What does it mean to be a leader? 

What skills does a successful leader possess? 

What defines success, especially to those who follow the leader? 

Introducing... Leadership Skills That Get You Hired and Promoted

a course that shows you how

In this course, you get the answer to all of these questions.

In this enlightening and entertaining course, you’ll explore what business leadership means and gain new understanding of the mindset, skillset, and toolset required to lead a business that is sustainable, scalable, profitable, and saleable.

You’ll get specific, pragmatic ideas you can immediately use to understand what makes exceptional business leaders and to grow to be one, yourself.

What you'll learn from this course

that gets you hired and promoted

Your Instructor, Mark S A Smith

Mark S A Smith, Business Growth Strategist

When you need pragmatic strategies and tactics to rapidly grow your business, create or survive disruption, and be in position to get the business that looks impossible, engage with Mark S A Smith. He brings new business understanding and leadership insights to your team about how customers, both internal and external, think about value and making decisions, and how to rapidly align with their motivations to gain agreement and achieve new outcomes.

Heading a boutique consulting company since 1990, he’s researched & developed business and leadership models and go-to-market methods to predictably create business success. He routinely leads the Executive Strategy Skills Summit, a multi-day event that helps business leaders master the mindset, skillset, and toolset of a business executive. The result: his clients operate meaningful and successful companies that positively impact their customers and community.

Mark is an electrical engineer, media technologist, computer programmer, hardware salesman, software marketer, business owner, executive coach, author, professional speaker, video producer, podcaster (The Selling Disruption™ Show), blogger, musician, and father of five Millennial children who do not live at home. He’s worked in 54 countries and six continents.

Mark’s authored many books, business case assessment tools, sales playbooks, go-to-market strategy guides, sales channel launch plans, business plan tools, video-based training systems, corporate webinars, and hundreds of articles and blogs. Books include Pivot to Profit from IT Disruption, Guerrilla Negotiating, Guerrilla TeleSelling, & Guerrilla Trade Show Selling. Forthcoming: Selling Disruption & Executive Strategy Skills.

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How Much?

Here's what you get in the Leadership Skills That Get You Hired and Promoted Course

  • More than one and a half hours of live video training shot in front of an audience of graduate students and PhD candidates asking tough questions and getting actionable answers about how to get hired and promoted – $397.00 value
  • A quick reference guide with the contents from every slide – $97.00 value
  • Bonus 1: All of the course audio as an audio book that you can download and listen to as you drive and workout – $97.00 value
  • Bonus 2: Get a 20-minute strategy call with the instructor, Mark S A Smith, to ask questions and refine your strategy – $337.00 value

All of this worth $928.00 for only $97.00.

Imagine if you could trim months off of your promotion path what would that mean to your career success?

Order now and get going on your path to leadership success.

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